• Classic porridge

    porridge served with rhubarb compote or berry compote

    cup   Vegan, Complex Carb


  • Buckwheat pancakes

    buckwheat pancake with raspberries, blue berries, and blackberries

    2 pcs  


  • Fresh fruit

    medley of melon and berries



  • Fresh seasonal fruit



  • Okayu smoked salmon

    Japanese rice porridge served with spring onions,
    spring onions, hot smoked salmon and bonito flakes


  • Okonomiyaki breakfast

    okonomiyaki cabbage pancake with a fried egg and garnished with mayonnaise, aonori, pickled ginger, teriyaki sauce and dashi flakes

    1 pc  


  • Quinoa brown rice porridge

    quinoa brown rice porridge served with agave, raspberries and blueberries

    Vegan, Complex Carb


  • Yogurt miso rhubarb compote granola

    yogurt with a miso rhubarb compote and rye granola