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Due to Covid-19, our store is temporarily closed.

Fresh Daily

Whole fish sushi

We practice whole fish sushi. Our salmon, sea bass and mackerel are delivered whole by KellyDeli, one of the biggest retailers of fresh fish in Europe.

Made Daily

Happily handmade gill to tail eating

Our fresh whole fish is cut on site for perfect freshness, better flavour and less waste. We use every part of the fish, including the bones in our delicious broth.

Served Daily

Sushi for you, me and everyone

High quality ingredients, expertly prepared and served simply, so everyone can enjoy. A varied, seasonal menu of seafood makes it more interesting for you and more sustainable for the ocean.

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More Daily

Coffee, matcha, tea and more

We make lots of things like katsu, snacks, matcha, coffee, sweets, and juices to be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Love Daily

Happiness through purpose

We find happiness in the Japanese principle of ikigai, in finding purpose by doing what we’re good at, what we love and what’s needed. Our ikigai is making simple, delicious, healthy, happy food for everyone to enjoy.

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New Oxford St, Soho

Open from 7.30am - 9.00pm

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